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Discover LUCELEC


We deliver efficient energy services that are safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible. We meet the expectations of our customers, shareholders and employees and we are a catalyst for social and economic development in St. Lucia.


To be the energy that powers our nation’s success.


Accountability, Excellence, Caring, Ethics


As value we offer our customers: Timeliness, Safety, Reliability, Power Quality, Value for Money. Our relationship will be: Professional, Sharing of advice, Courteous, Responsive. We will be seen as: Caring and ethical in all of our dealings.



We recognize that customers are the focus of our business. We value each customer and promise to deliver superior service that is timely and affordable.


Our shareholders are critical partners in shaping our success. We will run a profitable business that maximizes value to shareholders.


We believe that our employees are our most important asset, critical to the development and execution of the company’s strategies. Our people are the repository of knowledge and as such it is our responsibility to nurture their professional growth.

We value a well educated, highly motivated and productive workforce geared to greater achievements while giving back to society.


LUCELEC recognizes its role in the development of Saint Lucia. We will endeavour to improve our relationship with the Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL) through trust, mutual cooperation, and a regulatory framework which benefits all of our stakeholders.

Business Practices

Being world-class requires adherence to business practices of the highest standards. LUCELEC will develop and adopt business practices that are cost-efficient, effective, professional, and ethical.


LUCELEC recognizes the need to develop strategic alliances with our local, regional, and international partners to ensure mutually beneficial returns in all business endeavours.


Strategic Focus

  1. Network Improvement – Generation, Transmission, Distribution - To ensure that we expand, refurbish, reinforce the generation and T & D infrastructure
  2. Enterprise wide Risk Management System - Establish systems and processes that mitigate risks and establish a risk culture in the organization
  3. Preparing for New Regulatory Environment - Become experts in regulatory frameworks in Small Island Developing States
  4. Corporate Diversification - Identify and implement new business opportunities
  5. HR Strategic Plan - Implement the Strategic HR Plan
  6. Cost Management and Reduction Programme - To manage costs for optimal efficiency
  7. Customer Care - Improve the quality of service to and care for the customer
  8. Renewable Energy Sources - Reduce dependence on fossil fuels by scaling up P.V. production to a 2MW plant and developing a 12 MW wind farm
  9. ISO 14001 Certification - Implement Environmental Management System (EMS) and Get ISO 14001 certification