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Energy Efficiency

LUCELEC believes in working together with our customers and our communities to help create a brighter future. Here are some low-cost or no-cost tips to help you become more energy efficient in your home and reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact.

  • You can buy years of energy savings by choosing appliances that carry the ENERGY STAR® symbol.

  • Install a solar water heater.

  • Shut off lights, computers and other electronic appliances when you’re not using them. Many computer monitors have a sleep mode setting which, when activated, greatly reduces energy consumption.

  • Kettles heat water more efficiently than a range-top element or a microwave oven. Choose one with an automatic shut-off button and a heat-resistant handle.

  • Don't leave your electric water heater switched on permanently. Buy a timer and for as little as two hours use a day you will have sufficient hot water for your general needs.

  • Cleaning your electric kettle regularly with boiling water and vinegar removes mineral deposits inside it that reduce its energy efficiency.

  • The refrigerator is one of the biggest electricity consumers in the average home. Do not open and close it more than really necessary, and make sure the door seals are working properly. Otherwise you can expect your electricity consumption to be high.

  • Keep the refrigerator stocked; it takes more energy to cool an empty refrigerator.

  • It makes no sense to turn your freezer off to save electricity. You will more likely use more electricity and may even spoil your frozen foods. Instead turn the freezer setting down.

  • Arrange the lighting in a room so you can adjust the lighting level for different uses and times of day

  • Many devices can help save energy on lighting. Look for automatic timers, motion sensors and dimmers.

  • Turning off lights that aren’t being used is a simple and effective way to save energy.

  • Cleaning light fixtures regularly removes dust build-up and allows for maximum light output.

  • Don't turn fluorescent lights on and off too frequently. You will soon need a new bulb. Fluorescent lights are very efficient and do not consume much electricity.

  • If you plan to use lights to decorate during the holiday season, make the switch to LED (light emitting diode) holiday lights.