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Hurricane Centre


In the event of severe weather such as a hurricane, power outages are likely. Hurricanes are a natural weather phenomenon and severe weather brings extreme conditions associated with strong winds and lightning that can cause power outages. Every year we strive to be ready to respond. LUCELEC works closely with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) to provide a cohesive national emergency response. The Company reviews and tests its response plans and protocols regularly to strengthen its service restoration processes.

Our office constantly monitors all approaching weather systems to enable the Company to prepare for potential operational problems before inclement weather strikes. LUCELEC reminds its customers in the north to call at (758) 452-2165 and its customers in South (758) 454-6617 to report outages, downed power lines and trees or other objects near downed lines. Please provide your name, telephone number and precise address, as well as the location of the fault. If the electricity pole nearest you has a number on it, please provide that number as well.

Just as our crews are ready to work safely in restoring power we encourage our customers to be prepared and keep themselves safe during significant weather events by following the simple safety tips we have included for your safety. It's best for both our Company and customers to understand the severe challenges hurricanes can present.


  • Contact LUCELEC before trimming or cutting down trees that are near overhead electrical wires.

  • Look up and note the location of power lines before you begin working on a ladder. Be sure that ladders or scaffolds are far enough away so that you - and the ends of the tools you're using - don't come within 10 feet of power lines.

  • Never use any electrical appliance in wet surroundings such as outdoors or in the rain.