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Know Your Demand

Plan for Increases in Load Demand. The addition of new equipment and appliances will impact your electricity bill.

New Equipment

In many cases the problem with higher than usual consumption is new appliances or equipment which have been recently added. The following average appliance usage information may assist in explaining domestic customers' consumption queries:

Appliance or Equipment Average 
Monthly Hours Used
100 watt light bulb 180 hours per month 18 kwh
60 watt light bulb 180 hours per month 11 kwh
Colour Television
(330 watts)
121 hours per month 40 kwh
Toaster (1150 watts) 3 hours per month 4 kwh
Air Conditioner (6000BTU) 310 hours per month 300 kwh
Refrigerator (500 watts) 500 hours per month 150 kwh