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LUCELEC's Customer Service Charter

In support of our pledge to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible, we have engaged in major investments in the areas of technology and training for our staff, so that we are always equipped to deliver the most reliable and efficient service possible within normal operating constraints. We recognize that there will always be room for improvement, and so we are ready and willing to take on the challenges necessary to achieve our set targets.

We do hope that you will continue to support us as we aim to accomplish this. Our staff will always be available to answer your queries. If you have questions or complaints, please contact our Commercial Offices. We encourage you to read through our Customer Service Charter which outlines the service we aim to deliver to you.



We promise to keep any appointments we make with you to visit your property. If we give a specific time, we promise to be there within fifteen minutes of the appointed time. If for any reason we cannot meet this appointment, we promise to contact you and re-schedule the appointment within that time frame.

Damaged Equipment

If a complaint is made to our Commercial Offices concerning a claim for damage to your property or equipment due to negligence or failure on the part of LUCELEC or its employees, we will investigate the complaint within two working days.

Estimate for a New Supply

If you request an estimate, we will respond within two days with an acknowledgement and a request for a scheduled site visit to evaluate your needs. We promise to provide you with a cost estimate for the scope of work identified during the site visit, within 15 working days from the time the request was received by our Planning Department.

Failure of Our Distribution Network

When there is a network fault, we will aim to get your supply back on as quickly as possible.

Service Connection Failure

If you inform us of the failure of your supply by calling our 24-hour emergency service at telephone numbers 452-2165 or 454-6617, we promise to restore your supply within 6 hours providing that the fault is in the service cable to your premises.

Interruptions to Your Supply

We will inform you at least two days in advance if we need to cut off your supply to do essential work. When you lose your supply as a result of a fault, we will give callers information on the cause and likely length of power cuts as soon as such information is available.

Meter Accuracy

If you contact our Commercial Offices because you think your electricity meter is inaccurate, we will send an investigator to your premises within two working days and give you a formal response within five working days.

Providing Your New Supply

If you apply for a new domestic supply of electricity, we will seek to visit your premises within 24 hours. If the premises are ready for connection, you will be connected. Otherwise, you will be informed of any further steps you may need to take.

Questioning Your Bill

If you contact us at our Commercial Offices to query your bill, we will give you an immediate response, or if further investigation is required, we will give you a verbal or written answer within five working days.

Voltage Problems

If you contact us at our Commercial Offices because you believe your voltage is incorrect, we will immediately investigate the matter and contact you within five working days of your receiving your complaint with a report on the action we are taking and the results we have achieved.

Other Promises We Wish To Make

  • Reconnect all disconnected customers within 24 hours of receipt of payment for all outstanding charges.
  • Inform you one (1) week in advance when we plan to conduct disconnections for arrears in your community.
  • Acknowledge written correspondence from all customers within five working days.
  • Credit your account for agreed refunds on electricity bills within five working days of the request.
  • Leave a card to tell you of our findings whenever we visit your premises to keep an appointment and you are not available.
  • Answer the telephone expeditiously when you call; our goal is to do this within three rings.
  • Provide you at all times with a team of courteous, professional and efficient personnel to assist with your requests and complaints.

General Exceptions

These goals may not be attainable during:

  • severe weather
  • industrial action, or
  • situations where matters are outside of our control

However, we promise to do our best to meet your expectations and we will advise you if we are unable to do so.

Legal Rights

The promises we have detailed in this Charter do not remove any legal right to redress.

Further Information

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact our Commercial Offices. You may also enquire of any LUCELEC employee who will direct you to the appropriate source.