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New Connections

Applying for a new connection is a simple process. If you have recently built a house and wish to have electricity connected, there are 5 steps you must follow. Applications in respect of Commercial and Industrial premises will generally follow the same process. For most individual domestic applications we will normally provide a single-phase connection unless otherwise asked. Since the energy usage for Commercial and Industrial properties is sometimes large enough to require the installation of additional capacity i.e. a transformer, these applications should be made well in advance of the date the supply is required. Please provide sufficient details about the electrical equipment and appliances you intend to use so that may adequately meet your needs.

The process for a new connection for electricity supply will follow these five simple steps.

Step 1

The house must be wired by an approved electrician and inspected by an inspector from the Electrical Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services & Transportation. A Chief Electrical Inspectors Certificate of Approval will be issued by the Electrical Department if everything is in order.

Step 2

An application for electricity supply can then be completed at any of LUCELEC’s administrative offices located in Castries, Rodney Bay, Soufriere and Vieux Fort. The Inspector’s Certificate of Approval must be presented at the time of application.

All new connection applicants must present a valid National photo ID card. Saint Lucian Nationals are advised that passports are not the preferred kind of identification as LUCELEC needs to capture both picture identification and the applicant's NIC number. The National ID Card or new Drivers’ Permit satisfies this criterion. For Non-Saint Lucian residents, a valid passport along with an NIC card will be accepted.

The customer can prove legal ownership with a Letter of Sale from the previous property owner along with a Land Register issued within 5 days. Customers must ensure that this Letter of Sale has the exact date of sale, along with a copy of the previous property owner’s ID card and signature.

If the person requesting the new connection is renting from the property owner, LUCELEC makes readily available a Tenant Advice Form. This can also be used by commercial renters. The landlord/property owner must complete this form, sign it and attach a copy of his/her ID card.

Step 3

A security deposit must be paid at the time of application. The deposit will be retained by LUCELEC and accrue interest. The deposit and interest are refundable once the service is no longer required and all charges due are paid.

Step 4

If your premises are more than a hundred feet (100ft) from the nearest pole on the distribution system, the existing line may need to be extended. The cost of extending the distribution line will be estimated and you will be asked to pay this cost in addition to your deposit.

Step 5

LUCELEC will seek to provide your electricity supply within 24 hours of payment.

Estimate for a New Supply

If you request an estimate, we will respond within two (2) days with an acknowledgement and a request for a scheduled site visit to evaluate your needs. We promise to provide you with a cost estimate for the scope of work identified during the site visit, within fifteen (15) working days from the time the request was received by our Planning Department.