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Safety Tips


It is important to remember that electricity can harm you. It only takes one mistake to spark an electrical fire, but simple prevention measures can be effective solutions. Here are a few safety tips to remember:

  • Advise LUCELEC if you are anticipating a dramatic increase in consumption. Overloading the system may result in problems for yourself and your neighbours.

  • Never take a lead from your house to serve your neighbor; tangled lines are dangerous and can also interfere with the power.

  • Stay away from substations and transformers.

  • By tampering with our meters, you not only run the risk of causing damage to property, but you can increase the risk of a fatal injury to yourself or someone else.

  • When you need to cut large trees near power lines, please inform us. We can assist by lowering the lines so that the danger to life and property is reduced.

  • Ensure your home is properly grounded; if in doubt, hire a qualified electrician to check.

  • Always remember to dry your hands before handling plugs or switches.

  • Train children to respect electricity. Plastic outlet guards are a good idea.

  • Never substitute the fuse in your panel with ordinary wire or anything else. This can cause a fire and can even be deadly.

  • Only proper plugs must be inserted into sockets. Avoid using loose wires, a child may be watching!

  • Never break off an earth pin to fit a plug into a different socket.

  • Do not clean appliances while they are still plugged in.

  • Unplug electric kettles before filling and ensure that the element is covered with water.

  • Never open the back of your TV set if you are not qualified to do so. There are high voltages inside that can cause severe shock.

  • Turn off electric irons when leaving the use or when not in use.

  • Never insert a metal object into a toaster without disconnecting.

  • Do not drag appliances by the cord, or pull the cord to remove plugs from the sockets.

  • Never put an electrical item off by pulling the cord out of the outlet. This will damage the equipment or could cause a fire.

  • Make sure you know the wattage of your appliances. Never plug too much equipment into the same outlet, as this poses a serious fire risk. Two or three plugs is the maximum; have additional sockets fitted. Too many electrical appliances on the same circuit can lead to overloading which leads to overheating and may consequently lead to an electrical fire.

  • Extension cords are for temporary use.

  • Only use tools that are properly insulated and carry essential marks of safety and integrity compliance: British Standard Kite mark (BSI) the American Underwriters Limited mark (UL) or the European IEC approval on any electrical equipment.

  • Never drill holes into walls unless you are absolutely certain of the location of buried electrical wires.

  • Never climb power poles and transmission towers.

  • Keep your children from flying kites near power lines. It can be dangerous; tangled lines can also interfere with the power.

  • Keep antennas and ladders away from power lines.

Remember a Safe Attitude towards Electricity may Save your life and the lives of Others.