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What factors affect my electricity costs?

Three important factors affect your electricity costs. The first is the price of fuel. As you know, the price of fuel fluctuates widely, depending on conditions in the world market. LUCELEC has no control over the price of fuel. It has been established by legislation that increases or decreases in the price of fuel will be passed on to consumers in the form of the fuel surcharge cost adjustment factor, without being marked up by LUCELEC. Therefore, the amount of your monthly electricity bill is made up of two charges: the fuel surcharge cost adjustment factor and the charge for usage.

The second important factor affecting your electricity costs is LUCELEC'S operating costs. LUCELEC strives to operate as efficiently as possible at all levels and in all areas of the company. We deliver to our customers the very best possible balance between reliability and cost efficiency. Investments in new generating equipment have resulted in reduced fuel consumption and, in 1999, a breakdown free year. The Transmission and Distribution system has reduced line losses dramatically, again resulting in operating efficiencies. Alternate month meter reading has been another effective cost containment measure. These and many other operating efficiencies add up to significant cost savings for our customers.

The final important factor rests in your hands. By using electricity efficiently you can reduce your own costs. The Customer Tips section of this web site includes many suggestions as to how you can use your electric appliances more efficiently. Try putting a timer on your water heater. Make sure you don't leave the refrigerator door open. Use lower wattage light bulbs. Your Electricity Bill shows your usage for the previous four months. Try some of the energy saving Customer Tips and see if you can reduce your usage.