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What May Happen If You Do Not Pay By The Due Date?

Disconnection of Supply

The due date for payment of your current bill is indicated in the center portion of your bill. Your electricity supply may be cut off if:

You do not pay your monthly electricity bill on time
You do not keep a payment agreement and fail to communicate with us on the matter
A cheque paid in by you returns on account of insufficient funds.
NOTE: Should disconnection occur because your cheque was returned on account of insufficient funds, a cash settlement of the amounts due on your bill, plus a reconnection fee is required before your electricity supply can be restored.

Reconnection of supply

If we have disconnected you for arrears the following must be paid before we can restore your electricity supply:

The full amount outstanding
A reconnection fee of $22.00 for all customers
A security deposit where applicable
We will reconnect your electricity supply on the same working day that the required payments have been received.

Remember! We are here to serve you efficiently and economically, but we need your assistance - please pay on time