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LUCELEC cares about being a powerful partner in providing people with opportunities to achieve excellence; to change their lives. Education is one of the most powerful means of achieving this. We contribute to the national effort in educating and training young minds through our support for individual schools and the development of the education system generally. And just as we’re powering the entire nation, our power of caring in education spans the entire spectrum of schools, from day care centres to tertiary institutions in the north, south, east and west of the country.

Through donations of equipment our power of caring is improving the quality of school life and educational instruction for hundreds of students and teachers. Some of our interventions include assisting with the purchase of photocopying machines for the Gros Islet Combined School, Laborie R.C. Girls' Primary School, Roseau Combined School and Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School. The La Guerre Primary School was gifted a computer, Plain View Combined School received assistance in purchasing books for a school library, and Dennery Infant School got support towards establishing a numeracy rich classroom. At the Morne du Don Government School assistance was provided to purchase books and computers for a new school library, and the Grace Combined School was able to complete the tiling of its classrooms with our assistance.

Our support for the Ciceron Secondary School’s Christmas production presented by the School's Dance & Drama Club, the Ti Rocher Primary School’s hosting of its first School Christmas Concert, the Corinth Secondary School’s Department of Theatre Arts Workshop, the printing of the Millet Primary School’s "INSIGHTS" Magazine, and the purchase of chairs to facilitate the introduction of the School's "Author's Chair" programme to improve students’language development, helps to ensure that students receive opportunities for creative expression that contribute to their holistic development.

As Gold Sponsors of the National Schools’ Science Fair and of the Junior Achievement Programme at the Choiseul Secondary School, as well as through our support for the Bocage Secondary School’s production of the Smart Math Educational game, we’re helping to nurture innovation in Business and Science and Technology, and helping our nation’s youth explore the limitless possibilities of the future.

And we assist in rewarding excellence and academic and sporting achievement through our donations of trophies and medals for annual graduations, sports meets and essay competitions to twenty five (25) schools in 2009.

Our Power of Caring in education extends beyond the boundaries of academics and sports or major projects to simple things like helping children have fun. Through contributions to various parties at schools, at Christmas or otherwise, we’re helping to make school enjoyable, touching lives, creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.